Cargo Largo Locations

“Cargo Largo” the store — 35th and Noland Rd. Independence, Mo

Our retail locations are much like other specialty retailers, with the exception that we have fun with the customers everyday. While the store looks similar to others, we change our featured merchandise everyday. On Tuesday we may have BBQ Grills for sale and priced to fly off the shelf. Other days we may have as many as 12-15 surprise sales that last 15-30 minutes each. Our store has a team of pricers and markers that review all the new items that we sell. They are our quality check on items before they hit the floor for sale. The look and feel of our stores is clearly positioned for the bargain hunter in all of us. Discover. Shop. Win!

The Processing Center5414 E. Front St., Kansas City, MO 64120

Here is where speed and activity is at its highest. We unload 40-50 trucks each week. Items are quickly unloaded and sorted for sale in many different sales channels. Food is sorted to sell at the store. Electronic equipment is checked and sent to sell on E-Bay or at the store. Heavy-duty industrial equipment is slated for sale to our commercial customers.

Weekly we gather a number of items and skids to be sold at the bid sale. Customers of all types bid on all kinds of items from office supplies to restaurant equipment. Monthly we also host a live auction selling items to the highest bidder.

The Processing Center is located at 5414 E. Front St., Kansas City, MO, just off Interstate 435. The “PC”, as it is referred to, is similar to a distribution center with lots of activity, cardboard, pallets, packing material, forklifts and associates moving items to all different work areas.

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